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We’re back again with an updated sound and ready for 2017 !  With Peter on Bass, Tim on Percussion and Josh on Keys completing our new band we’re sounding fresh and leaping back into the fray.  Hope to see you soon.


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(Corner of Railway Pde)
3 Min walk from Sydenham Station

Tickets $20
To purchase online:

Join the Facebook event 

MSG xox

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* Green Room Lounge Enmore, Thurs June 12.

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We are excited to be playing a new show on Wednesday 2nd of April at the new Jazz Venue      Foundry 616 (616 Harris Street Ultimo).

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Music begins at 8.30pm.

Get your tickets HERE !
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Well we’re back in Sydney after our southern soujourn playing some great shows with some great folks – The beautiful Spotted Mallard in Melbourne with Mikelangelo, + The Grace Emily in Adelaide with Koral was alot of fun and we have some exciting Christmas news: Yes we are mentioning Christmas this early, and thats because we are proud to have 5 songs available to buy ONLINE. The whole ORPHAN SPIRIT EP is available as individual tracks, plus you can also buy a song from our first album. An early Xmas present for yourself or your loved ones perhaps. !?

Check it out here

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We have just released a new EP called ‘Orphan Spirit’ on September 13th. The feature track, ‘Orphan Spirit’, has a bouncy 1960’s surf-rock groove and sexy French female vocals. Think Tarantino soundtracks, Francoise Hardy, early B-52s.  Each track has its unique flavour: ‘Walk-a-mile-blues’ is a soulful traveller’s blues ballad with a cinematic road-movie / Tom Waits feel that was inspired by the band’s tour of Europe. ‘Wake the World’ is a kooky psychedelic pop-rock apocalyptic love song with shades of the 90’s sound (Beck etc). ‘Orphan Spirit Joshua Isaac Dance Remix’ finishes off the EP with vocal cut-ups in fine dance-party mode.


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October 30, Adelaide The Grace Emily Hotel |
November 1, Melbourne The Spotted Mallard |
November 2, Canberra The Front Gallery |

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Animator / Director: Sarah Eddowes.
Shadow Puppeteer / Artist: JUMAADI.
Artistic Producer: Laura Brozky
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We’ve been printing our new bags and Aprons and they look fabulous!!!

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We look forward to seeing you soon.

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The Stencil ready to be inked

The stencil cut with care by the talented Hugo Moline from “the Lot”

First print

Laura printing in the sun

Drying rewards

Dirk and Laura printing outside on a gorgeous winter’s day

Dirk hand-painting logo on


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<3 MSG








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